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Sadali: “The persons’ in love country”

Published by lacasadellamore on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - 18:14:22 - Filed under Sadali

Sadali is a small country situated in the heart of Sardinia (Italy) with around 900 habitants, to 750 ms from the level of the sea.
The parish church is devoted to St. Valentine , saint of the persons in love and, only case of the island (and rarity in Italy), patron of the country. St. Valentine is considered, from the fellow townsman and from the strangers, a saint ‘coiadori’ and that is propiziatore of marriages. And for this that so much people, since remote times, it went him to Sadali to ask the grace to find a to St. Valentine ‘good party.In our times this tradition he is some grown weak, but for us this is a sin. And it is for this that with the whole stubbornness of the Sardinians we have put in head to return his dignity of protecting saint of the persons in love to St. Valentine there. And there are definite therefore to pick up, among all the estimators of the love, adhesions for to buy a house to devote to this feeling: the most beautiful of everybody.